Business Entertaining
In a rapidly expanding global economy, the negotiating process doesn't end when you leave the office. With many deals including job interviews being negotiated over meals savvy professionals are understanding the role that dining protocol plays in creating a positive first impression.

This dining seminar is an interactive tutorial meal that is designed to polish dining skills and provide the distinction so necessary for a world-class competitor. Each participant is provided with an illustrated workbook to keep as a reference guide. Participants will learn and put into action:
Business entertaining dos and don'ts
Invitations & RSVPs
Host & guest duties
Seating guidelines
Place Menus and Table Cards
Receiving lines
The silent code of service
Silverware and napkin savvy
Styles of eating: American, Continental and Asian
Difficult foods
Dealing with accidents
Dinner conversation made easy
and much, much more
All topics are customized to meet your specific need and can range in length from a one-hour presentation to a full-day workshop. Contact Stacia Williams to discuss how she can make your next event leave lasting value.
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