Cross Cultural Awareness / International Protocol
International Protocol Training is designed for persons aspiring to enter the diplomatic service or employment with international organizations. Stacia Williams also trains Politicians and their spouses, Diplomats assigned to foreign countries, Corporate Protocol Officers, Event & Meeting Planners, and any person involved in International Business who wants to ensure that they understand the rules of international courtesies and avoid the faux pas that could potentially ruin good business deals.

Topics covered in this seminar include:
Understanding Precedence and Seating
Etiquette & Protocol Intelligence
Business Introductions
Rank & Status Awareness
Forms of Address
Table Seating and Arrangements
Place Menus and Table Cards
Invitations & RSVPs
Receiving Lines
Flag Etiquette
Management of a VIP's Visit
Escorting the VIP
Managing Out-of-Town VIP Visitors
Planning Elements of a Special Event or Meeting
Signing Ceremonies
Dealing with Government Officials & Foreign Dignitaries
How to Form a Receiving Line
Representing the Company at a Special Event
Sensitivity to Cross Cultural Differences
Gift Giving
Interacting With Other Cultures
Business Card Protocol
Electronic Communication
Handling the Press & Media
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