Business Etiquette: The Polished Professional
This seminar is for the professional who is tired of business as usual, who wants to stand out, get noticed and is ready to take his/her career to the next level. At the end of this seminar, participants will be able to:
Recognize the importance of Image Management and Personal Branding to distinguish oneself from co-workers
Create a personal brand guaranteed to advance his/her career
Project credibility, polish and power
Impress clients
Improve networking skills
Interpret rank and status
Explain the psychology of color in business
Employ savvy self promotion techniques
Exude more confidence, polish and professional presence
Create positive first impressions
Dress for success in the workplace and for every level of his/her career
Describe the impact of Nonverbal communications
Deliver savvy introductions, handshakes and business card exchanges
Manage meetings and telephone calls
Entertain and dine for business
Craft effective written and electronic communications
Travel for business like a pro
Provide quality and exceed expectation at every turn
And so much more
All topics are customized to meet your specific need and can range in length from a one-hour presentation to a full-day workshop. Contact Stacia Williams to discuss how she can make your next event leave lasting value.
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